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Fan Club


Interact with the band and other fans to find out more about El Penguino!

Contact : : Contact the band or members with e-mail or AIM, or contact the manager via phone, e-mail or regular mail.

Chat : : Use the built in El Penguino chat engine to talk with fans or to talk with the band during scheduled band chats.

Message Board : : Read what other fans are saying about the band, or fan reviews of shows/cds/songs, and more. Also leave messages for the band.

Guestbook : : Leave a message for the band.

Yahoo! Club : : This Yahoo! Club is the mailing list for the fans.

Mailing List : : Periodically, the band will want to send out a message to all its fans, and most people check their mail more frequently than they visit this site, so updates and news will be sent out in a weekly e-mail newsletter.

Street Team : : Join the street team to spread the word about the latest Ska band to emerge from the Midwest!