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Welcome to the El Penguino igloo,
it's time to "SQUAWK & ROLL!"

(yes we are aware that penguins and igloos are from opposite poles)...

Again, we return to this sad state called... hiatus

Sorry guys, but after 3 practices, Olivia has decided that she no longer wants to be in the band, for a number of reasons (into which we won't delve here). Her cousin, BJ, who was planning on joining in on tenor sax, has also decided to not join the band. So here we are again. If you know any drummers out there who like ska, please send em our way!!
12/10/2003 8:30:43 PM

And so it begins...

Today is our first "practice." We are getting together in about 30 minutes to meet each other and start to write some music and lyrics. This first practice will not be open to an audience, but after a few practices, we should be solid enough to allow you guys to watch the practices.
11/16/2003 12:29:12 PM

The Penguin squawks again!

It's final. EL PENGUINO IS COMPLETE. El Penguino is: V (founding member) - vox, Laura - vox, Nate (currently in Aisle 6) - guitar, Ryan - bass, Rudie (founding member) - trumpet/back-up vox, Matt (founding member) - sax, Olivia - drums. Once schedules are worked out, practices will begin. Hopefully, we will able to start working on some new and old material by the middle of November!

Note: with the new line-up now set, the website is going to be slowly undergoing some changes to reflect the members.
10/31/2003 1:36:58 AM

New line-up complete?

Rudie attended a party with Ryan (once a stand-in bassist), while there he met two new people to complete the El Penguino line-up. Because all parties involved with negotiations were drunk at the time, confirmations are not yet set in stone. The new line-up will consist of: V (founding member) - vox, Laura - vox, Nate (currently in Aisle 6) - guitar, Ryan - bass, Rudie (founding member) - trumpet/back-up vox, [random guy from Ryan's party] - sax, Becca (met at Ryan's party) - drums. Once negotiations are finalized, practices will begin (probably at Rudie's house in Clifton). When we begin practicing, you, the fans, will be notified of dates/times/places, so that we can continue our tradition of open practices.

All former members are invited to rejoin El Penguino, if their situation is able to accomodate feasible and convenient transportation to and from frequent practices.
9/23/2003 12:15:32 AM