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Old News
(Isn't that an oxymoron?)...

Possible Change Over

Matt is probably not returning to school until next fall or later. Rudie is dropping out of school to concentrate on Rude Boy Records and his signed bands. We believe that the current El Penguino may be dead. No one is ever able to practice, very few of the members have any desire of continuing. Even if we continue to call ourselves El Penguino, the line up is going to undergo a massive change. Unfortunately Erms and Sara (and Davi of course) are not going to be continuing with us. We have two prospective replacements for bass and vocalist though. These two new members are going to be starting to practice and write with Matt and Rudie, and maybe V in the very near future. We are still looking for a new drummer, and we might replace John with a friend of Rudie's. If John is not replaced, we would still like to bring in this new guitarist to fill out the sound. We will post more details as they are made available. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN BEING THE NEW DRUMMER OF EL PENGUINO, PLEASE CONTACT RUDIE ASAP: rudeboy@rudeska.com
5/1/2003 4:31:25 AM

The latest news, and an interesting fact.

So here's the deal: Matt is going to UC Raymond-Walters and is going to UC next quarter. Rudie and V are going to UC. And of course you know that Erms is at MHS, John is at Dayton, and Sara's still far away. And we still need a drummer, see the last news entry for info about that.

As for the interesting fact, a Penguino is a cocktail: it's a mix of Kahlua, Milk & Brandy. Thanks to Marcy for that! Unfortunately she didn't tell us how much of each goes in... so you all can just try different mixtures until you get one that tastes good... course by that time, you'll probably pass out.
1/22/2003 5:44:07 AM

Some quick info, and more begging for a drummer

We just wanted to note that Rudie is transferring back to Cincinnati, hopefully by January. He has high hopes of ressurecting El Penguino, and has begun work on new lyrics, as well as doing some work on music. With Cincinnati having a larger number of EP members, he wants to begin working more often on band related stuff.

Rumors are also surfacing that Matt wants to transfer to UC as well, but since he's only 30 minutes or so away from Cincinnati (at Northern Kentucky U.), he's close enough to work with us. Of course, Erms is still in Mariemont, and V is chillin' at UC, so those two can keep up the spirit. However, John is still at Dayton and Sara is a couple hours away, so that hampers things a bit. Also, we're still lacking in the drummer area, so again, if you are interested in drumming for us, please drop us a line. Here's a recap of the notice we posted a while ago:

We need a reliable drummer! Davi has decided to return to Hey Leroy! fully, which is understandable and we wish him, Jack & Jay the best of luck. So if you or someone you know wants to be a drummer for El Penguino, has some experience on the drums, has their own drums and (preferably) likes ska and/or punk music, please email elpenguino@rudeska.com.
11/16/2002 4:46:44 PM

Stickers and Metal Lunchboxes, plus Hoodies info

In the merch section, we have some new special offers that you can check out. Also, we now have in the limited availability section old school metal lunchboxes!! And, we now have stickers for sale in the other stuff section. Also, hoodies are now a permanent item (see the shirts section)!! So go check out the merch!
9/24/2002 8:43:15 PM

Special Merch Offers

In addition to the limited availability merch including backpacks, briefcases, HOODIES, and more, we now have an offer for a free plush american eagle on all orders over $25!! So check out the merch section.
8/27/2002 1:30:54 AM

New Merch, Big Announcement, and we need a drummer

We have some new limited availability merch including backpacks, briefcases, HOODIES, and more!! We are definitly excited to have hoodies again! There's also a summer clearance sale with special shipping offers, so check out the merch section.

Now for the Big Announcement. Since we will mostly be going off to college and Erms will continue high school, we have decided to go on a temporary hiatus. We will probably practice over breaks if they coincide well enough, and if people aren't going out of town for vacations. And we are most likely going to be starting again next summer, full of new vigor and another year of experience (for some of us). Rudie is going to be joining another band in the meantime: a Cleveland-based band called The Skanktronics. We all plan on continuing the band next year.

Finally, in order for us to continue next year, we need a reliable drummer! Davi has, for the most part, decided to return to Hey Leroy! fully, which is understandable and we wish him, Jack & Jay the best of luck. So if you or someone you know wants to be a drummer for El Penguino, has some experience on the drums, has their own drums and (preferably) likes ska and/or punk music, please email elpenguino@rudeska.com.
8/14/2002 2:31:34 AM

Major Updates

We are proud to announce the opening of our improved merchandise section! It is much more user friendly and navigable. And it still has a link to the old version of the store. Please also remember to check out some our new merch, like wall clocks and frisbees! Remember, some items are only available for a limited time, as you might notice that the mini-basketball hoops are gone, so if you want something that marked as only being available for a limited time, make your move and get it before it's gone!

And we have news that Sara will be back in town on June 12th, and we are all stoked for her arrival. In the meantime, she has sent pictures, so we finally have some pictures of Sara on the site!
6/6/2002 8:36:07 AM

Lame Practice

Well our last practice (without a guitar) really sucked. We got almost nothing accomplished. However, our possible replacement bass (for when Erms leaves for part of June) was fnally able to come and he got to meet everyone. And with the addition of the fact that we all ended up at Fazoli's, it wasn't that bad of a day. However it was a very crappy practice. Hopefully we'll make up for it at the next practice.
5/27/2002 7:49:51 PM

New Pics!!

We are hoping that our practice tomorrow will go as best is possible without a guitar! John has to work, but next week, we should finally have a full band (minus Sara of course). He suggested we write a song without a guitar part, and even though he might have been joking, I think it's a good idea!. Give us a call if you want to come to the practice, or get in touch via the contact page.

Most importantly is the fact that we have a ton of new photos up in the pics section. Go check em out!
5/22/2002 11:27:54 PM

New Song, New Management, New Cover Art

We had a great practice yesterday and we wrote a new reggae/dub-like song. As usual, give us a call about practices, or get in touch via the contact page.

Also, Rudie can finally step down from his position as manager, because Lauren is back from school and is taking over the management of the band. All questions for the manager should now go to Lauren.

And finally, we have the cover art online for our upcoming debut EP, "City Nights." Check it out on the logos page.
5/17/2002 4:17:35 PM


Well, practice today was very productive. We have decided that practices will be from 3-6 every Thursday for a while, so if you want to attend an open practice, give one of us a call or contact us via the contact page.
5/9/2002 6:37:59 PM

Cancelled Again, But There's Hope!

OK, again, we had to cancel a practice due to lack of communication. However, on Thursday, we will definitly be having a practice. There is no doubt about this one. So go ahead and call/email/IM us for details. Please take note of the new Open Practice Policy, see the tour page.
5/7/2002 10:15:43 PM

Practice? And new merch.

We are hoping to get together for a practice tomorrow (Monday 5/7). If you have questions about coming, contact one of us.

More exciting is the new merch that we have available for a limited time only. check it out in the merch section!
5/6/2002 4:48:34 PM


We're really sorry, but this past Sunday, everyone was recovering from the weekend. Most people had proms to go to, and Rudie had a weekend with no parents. We're really sorry there was no practice, for those of you who wanted to come. However, we are planning another practice for this next weekend. We'll post more details as they become available.

We do have good news, too. We have posted the lyrics to a couple new songs, and we have some new pictures up. you can see the progress on the lyrics page and pictures section. Also, the press page has an article in it now. We are also working on bios for everyone and those should be online soon. Keep checking back for more updates!
4/29/2002 4:23:05 PM

Sunday Practice

We may have a practice this coming Sunday. Although it is not definite, please feel free to call us regarding details and/or attending the open practice. Probably not everyone will be there.
4/25/2002 5:31:03 AM

New Site Format

As you probably noticed, we have just changed the layout and navigation scheme of the web site. We hope you find the increased content useful and entertaining and we hope the new navigation ssystem helps you find what you're looking for more easily. Enjoy!
4/25/2002 5:01:03 AM

El Penguino's First Contest!!

We have our first contest!! Check it out on the brand new contests page!
4/15/2002 9:39:23 AM

Long Time No Update

We're sorry we haven't posted anything in a while. John is currently writing new music faster than anyone else can write lyrics! We are hoping to have a practice soon, but no word yet. Sara hopes to be able to come home this weekend (4/20 or 4/21) and we are just hoping that she can make it and that maybe John can come down, too.
4/15/2002 9:16:49 AM

Yahoo! Group

the new EP Yahoo! group is up and running. Check it out on the Yahoo! Club page.
3/19/2002 2:00:54 AM

New Music

John has been working his butt off to write music to all the lyrics that we have posted! So we should have a bunch more music soon and we'll practice hard, and maybe record something.

Along with the new navigation layout we are building, we will also have a place to check out the tabs, not to mention a ton of other features. So stay tuned!
3/16/2002 9:59:09 PM

Next Practice

John and Sara have Spring Break coming up, and guess what? They decided to spend it at home in Cincinnati practicing with their beloved band! So we'll have some more practices coming up. There will be a posting about the date and time, so if you want to come, you can just email us. We're sorry, but until we can dedicate all our time to the band and until we have a full band all the time (both will happen this summer), these open practice will have to substitute for shows.
3/16/2002 8:37:22 PM

Mailing List

We are starting up a mailing list for all our "fans" as well as anyone who is interested. For more info, and to sign up, check out the Mailing List page. Thanks for your support!
3/16/2002 8:30:43 PM

Latest Update

Another new update (I'm on a roll here) first off, finally, all the lyrics are posted. Second, we have some images up on our new pictures section, including an animated buddy icon. More to come soon, including the preliminary cover design of our first single (coming in a few months)!
3/14/2002 11:47:31 AM

Cool Idea!

A great 5:30 am idea! The penguin's initials are LPO. el = L. ; Penguin (middle name)= P. ; o = O. Now for a name to fill in those initials... so we have our first contest! Please send in your ideas and we will vote on the best name for our drunken, pinstriped penguin in his porkpie hat. What a rude, rude bird. Check it all out on the contest page.
3/14/2002 5:40:59 AM


Well, finally all the lyrics are up (except "Should We Do This" and "So, Is This The End?" And these no longer point to the lyrics for "Bad Acc." Just a little update to make things run a lil' smoother. Check back later for more updates.
3/14/2002 4:15:50 AM

New Feature

We now have a chat room feature. It is not yet linked on the side bar, because a new navigation scheme is in the works. Thanks for your patience while waiting for the new site to be completed!
3/12/2002 8:00:50 PM

What's going on...

OK folks, we had a videographer with us at our last rehearsal (earlier today) so we will probably have some video clips up pretty soon, as well as some still images from the vid.

In the meantime, also feel free to check out our brand new merchandise! We finally have a logo finished and several more on the way, so keep an eye out for new designs for apparel and other merch coming soon! We'll keep you posted and keep checking back!

Also, in the next month or two, we hope to record a song (maybe 2) using Rudie's computer. We know that two months seems like a long time to record 1-2 songs, but with practices at every other week, it's not easy! We really want to get something up soon so that you can all hear what we are up to right now... we just don't know when it will happen. Thank's for all your patience and support!
3/10/2002 7:30:13 PM

Next Practice

El Penguino has open practices, so if you would like to come and watch, please email us for details.
3/7/2002 10:34:04 PM